Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blossom Dress

Working on this really cute dress called "Blossom".

I'm really hoping it turns out. I've never knitted a dress before. Actually, I've never knitted any clothing item.

I'm using boucle yarn. This really pretty turquoise blue with black.

Here are some pictures of the dress in progress. When I'm finished (if I have enough yarn to actually finish) I will post a picture or two of it. Update: I ran out of yarn. Just like I thought I would. I did buy new yarn so that I could try again. Hope I bought enough this time around!

Dress in progress (what really looks like a big mess as of right now):

Close-up of the colors/yarn texture:

Also, if you're bored or curious or need friends, you can check out my ravelry page here.

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