Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Knit Pencil Cloth

I saw a crocheted pencil cloth and attempted to make it. I'm a very beginner crocheter and the whole double crochet into the back/front post thing had me a little confused and my pencil ended up with very uneven lines. Not at all like it should have looked. So I decided to whip up a knit version. And now I share with you all what I did.

Supplies needed:
Scrap of black worsted weight cotton (aprx 5 yards),
small amounts of tan, grey and pink (aprox 8 yards each),
yellow (aprox 25 yards).
Size 7 needles

KFB= Knit into the front and back of the stitch, increasing 1
k= knit
p= purl
yo= yarn over
s1= Slip one

Finished size is aprx 9" long and 6.5" wide. You can make it longer if you want.

With black: Cast on 2.
Kfb 2x (4 stitches)
k1, yo, k2,yo, k1 (6 sts)
slip 1, p5 - work yarn overs thru the back loop
s1, yo, k4, yo, k1 (8)
s1, p7
s1, yo, k6, yo, k1 (10)
s1, p9

Switch to tan color (exposed wood color)
k1, yo, k8, yo, k1 (12)
s1, p to end
*s1, yo, k to last stitch, yo, k1
s1, p to end*

repeat from * to * until you have 22 sts.

Switch to yellow color (pencil color)
k1, yo, k to last stitch, yo, k1 (24 sts)
s1, p to end
s1, yo, k11, m1, k11, yo, k1 (27)
s1, p3, k1, p5, k1, p5, k1, p5, k1, p4
*s1, k3, (p1, k5) 3x, p1, k4
s1, p3, (k1, p5) 3x, k1, p4*

repeat from * to * until work measures about 7” from cast on OR 2” short of your desired length.

Switch to grey color
Knit garter stitch for 1 inch, still slipping the first stitch in each row.

Switch to pink (eraser color)
Knit stockinette stitch for 1 inch, slipping the first stitch in each row.

Bind off, weave in ends. Block for best results. You can see it's mainly stockinette stitch, so it's inclined to curl some and I didn't lay it very well when I snapped the photo.

Here is a printable version. :)

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